Mazekia: kitchen and bathroom

Made-to-measure in the west island

At Mazekia, our clients enjoy quality service, an immense selection and turnkey service when it comes to the bathrooms of their dreams, or the kitchen that suits their needs.

Vanity, tub, shower door, ceramic tiles, sink, toilet, taps, counter, kitchen sink and much, much more. Everything you need for free thinking and a fertile imagination.

Since we are above all a store, it is possible to come and discuss your ideal bathroom with us. Plus, many contractors get their supplies from Mazekia because we have the products they need to design or build quality rooms that satisfy their clients’ expectations, with first-rate customer service.

You have an idea? We have what it takes to make it come true! We also offer a design service in the store. With our turnkey service, you’ll appreciate how we design your bathroom and kitchen. Come to the store to see us.

Welcome designers and contractors

Many contractors and designers come to us for everything they need to satisfy their clients. Come see us! We have the accessories
for all your projects.

Turnkey service

With our turnkey service, the client works with the same consultant throughout the project. From planning the space to selecting the materials and colours, our personalized service lets each client design the bathroom or kitchen of their dreams,
with one-stop shopping.

  • Planning

    You need to change the look of your kitchen or your bathroom? Come and see us when planning your project.

  • Product selection

    Quality guaranteed, vast selection and first-rate service... we have what you need to get the best results.

  • Creation of plans

    We’ll make your idea concrete, developing tailor-made plans based on your needs. This service may require additional fees.

  • Renovation and finishing

    With our turnkey service, you'll appreciate our renovation experts, no matter how large your project is.